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Development progress report for August 2020 BCZ platform was upgraded as an informative portal for the masses focusing on business, technology related news to meet with curre...

BCZ platform was upgraded as an informative portal for the masses focusing on business, technology related news to meet with current trends. Integration of news portal site on our website platform creation took about 1 week to happen with testing. Improvement includes:

  • Easier collaborative editing
  • Easier management for advertisement placement
  • Cheaper to deploy and scale in future
Note : Minor update to system software, a bug was detected in our caching mechanism that missed a hit when long lived timed objects are purged. This small fix resolved the problem of missed IP detection inside our caching mechanism.

 - LiSpSi, derived from the first two characters of "Light", "Speed", "Sites" includes a pre-2020 version for website creation serving for the masses. We have come up with a much better improved system by 10x, LightSpeedSites, LiSpSi. Improvements to LiSpSi include:
  • 250+ pre-designed templates with unlimited design possibilities
  • Drag and drop easy editor built in
  • Improved security, scalability and management of system deployment regionally
  • Country based focused theme to serve localize market
  • Speed and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) focused templates
  • Version based yearly templates and themes, e.g. LiSpSi version 2020, 2022, 2024 etc. to meet changes with modern times.
Main function / features of LiSpSi is complete and we are currently testing the 250+ template designs. Official launch will be in mid Sept 2020 while we are performing minor updates and upgrades for global deployment currently. It is production ready with customer sites running on the platform now.

Visit here. (in progress)

To better serve the mass market for online services, an online portal marketplace is developed as a self service remote management portal. This site will be launched in mid Sept 2020 as well while we perform final testing on the system. Each BizTransit site serve regional market with localized theme to manage local needs.

Visit for a demo.