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First US$2 Trillion Dollar Company, Apple in 19 Aug 2020

Apple , in 42 years since its founding, became the first company to reach US$2 trillion market capitalization in the world on 19th August 20...

Apple, in 42 years since its founding, became the first company to reach US$2 trillion market capitalization in the world on 19th August 2020. This is an amazing feat, not forgetting the legacy left behind by the late Steve Jobs (1955-2011), Apple's co-founder, together with Steve Wozniak.

Since the passing of Steve Jobs in 2011, Tim Cook has lead Apple on a growth path with multiple innovative computing devices. Most of the value of the company is derived from the growth of Apple's subscription services, which added 140 million subscribers to their database in 2019.

It took only apple two years to grow from US$1 trillion in market valuation in 2018 to doubling its valuation to US$2 trillion. Well done Tim Cooks! It is worth noting that Apple's valuation is driven by the hit of Covid-19 pandemic too.

What did Apple do right?
1. Making innovative products accessible to the masses.
2. Focusing on refining their product lines to be some of the best in the world, if not the best.
3. Cloud based subscription services for app developers to build on app store platform.
4. Backing and support from the US government and the public in general, not forgetting the "Infinity Loop" building initiative supported by the government.
5. Choosing Tim Cooks as Steve Job's successor
... and US$2 trillion other reasons too.

At the end of the day, the resilience, durability and the "timelessness" effect of Apple products speak for themselves. I'm still using my Macbook Air 2013 regularly, though with a bit of screen issues when opening and closing the laptop, everything else is still functional, performing handsomely on daily computational tasks without failure. The 2013 Macbook Air running on ssd storage is still able to install all the latest applications in 2020.

This article is an unpaid free advertising and serves as a testament to Apple's product. One of the most impressive Apple product line is definitely the macOS, the operating system that powers Mac product lines. Other than Linux, macOS is the other unix-variant operating system built to withstand the test of time for the mass market. Well done Apple, keep it up!

By the way, a trillion is numerically written as 1,000,000,000,000. For those who are mathematically challenged, that is 1 with 12 zeroes behind.

Does this mean Apple will be broken up like Microsoft did because of it's size? Only time will tell how the government will react to Apple's growth. However, it is also worth mentioning that Apple's "equivalent" in China is Huawei, which seems to have the full support of the Chinese government as of this writing. With China's power growing globally and with their new technological advancement in 5G technologies, it is only a matter of time before China will truly dominate technological progress in the world, overtaking United States in the near future.