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17 True Men Presents to Your Daddy

  17 True Men Presents to Your Daddy A gift for dad is a meaningful gesture. Even a funny little thing shows a warm attitude and symbolizes ...


17 True Men Presents to Your Daddy

A gift for dad is a meaningful gesture. Even a funny little thing shows a warm attitude and symbolizes care. On Father's Day, we strive to express love, respect, gratitude, and attachment. We hope that our tips and gift ideas for dad will help you find a present that will surprise and delight him.

Creative Gifts for Dad

  • Personalized custom-made 3D crystal photo by ArtPix 3D is an elegant souvenir that recalls the warmest moments, so it is the perfect gift idea for Father's Day

With ArtPix 3D, it takes only a couple of days to create a unique item, and a customer can choose various crystal types and shapes. For example, there are keychains, wine stoppers, table figurines on a LED lighted stand, and so on. You can pick any image and inscription engraved inside the beautiful crystal by the 3D laser etching method. 

  • Retro-style Bluetooth radio delivers a high-quality audio experience in stereo sound and looks like an alien from the past. Modern touches complement its vintage aesthetic. The gadget can be used as an FM radio and a mini speaker connected via Bluetooth or cable.

  • Elegant and stylish cufflinks, complete with a tie clip, will be a trendy gift. Small details will add solemnity to the image and will help to express the man's style. On Amazon, you can find inexpensive kits made of high-quality steel alloy imitating silver or order custom-made accessories on Etsy.

  • A luxurious gift set of playing cards will add a mystical gloss to the most straightforward game. This is a great excuse to master intellectual and exciting games. Artisan offers a limited collector's edition in a wooden box with four decks, which the famous illusionist David Copperfield called "the best playing cards ever made."

  • If your dad likes playing board games, give him a gift in the form of a chessboard that three people can play simultaneously.

This entertainment can captivate for several hours and give a lot of pleasure to the participants in the intellectual battle. The original collapsible round board with a set of 48 classic Staunton figures will delight connoisseurs of chess strategies. You can buy chess with a commission for three players on Amazon for about $50.

Practical Gifts for Dad

  • The Gripmaster spring-loaded hand trainer, developed by PRO HANDS, is designed as a rehabilitation tool for professional athletes and musicians. The product trains each finger, wrist, and forearm, increasing strength, agility, and endurance.

  • A classic flat flask will come in handy on a hike and a trip to the country, and just at any time when you want to take a sip of a strong drink. It is compact and fits easily into the pocket of a jacket or backpack. This small but roomy product is equipped with a wide neck, into which it is convenient to pour liquid. The cost of Stanley branded flasks with a long history is only about $20 at Amazon.

  • The Philips Sonicare electric touch-sensitive toothbrush is ten times more effective than regular toothbrushes. The intelligent brush provides comprehensive care, makes 62,000 cleaning strokes per minute, and "works" as a personal consultant.

A built-in sensor prevents excessive pressure when cleaning. The brush works in three modes of intensity. The intelligent device synchronizes with a smartphone and makes a three-dimensional map of the dentition.

In the application, the user sees problem areas that require increased attention and receives personalized recommendations. The developers have compiled four options for programmed care. You can buy such a brush at a decent discount on eBay.

  • Your dad's favorite leather jacket or bag will be as good as new with the Saphir Rénovateur Leather Care Kit. The manufacturer has developed a unique formula. It contains natural beeswax and mink oil, which penetrate the deep layers of the leather and restore its structure from the inside. The product gives shine, refreshes, and repels water. The product works effectively on any fine leather. It can be used to care for clothes, shoes, furniture, car interior elements, bags, motorcycle seats, and other leather goods.

Father's Day Gifts From Daughters

  • A universal gift is a new pair of home shoes. Give your dad not banal room slippers but superb moccasins. He can wear them indoors and outdoors thanks to the durable, non-slip, and comfortable rubber outsole. Take a look at the LLBean men's slippers with an insole. The model is created from natural suede and fur. You can buy these shoes at Zappos.

  • Comfortable home trousers with fleece lining are very comfortable. A cut with a drawstring waist allows you to adjust the width of the waistband. The model with deep side pockets made of high-quality, dense fabric with a soft inner layer is in the Gifford UGG collection.

  • An umbrella is an excellent gift for a father. Especially if it is a strong, lightweight, and durable model with the best wind resistance in the world, tested at the American College of Aeronautics. GustBuster is creating such a product that can withstand gusts up to 55 mph. Available on Amazon, the GustBuster Classic collection features both stick and folding umbrellas.

  • A pair of stylish sunglasses will never be excessive. Your dad will love the tortoiseshell models with an iconic signature from the instantly recognizable Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classics collection.

Father's Day Gifts From Sons

  • The adjustable laptop stand has multiple height settings and comfortable rubber non-slip pads. The compact product is easy to clean and provides excellent ventilation, suitable for laptops and tablets. Look for such a stand on Walmart.

  • If your dad prefers a classic shave, get him a unique gift set. On Amazon, you can find elegant and stylish kits with a dedicated razor stand, a natural softest bristle brush, a shaving foam bowl, and a set of accessories in a gift box for about $60.

  • Nice new sneakers are always a good idea. Dad will look trendy and feel comfortable at the same time in retro-style sneakers, for example, from the Originals Stan Smith line from Adidas.

On the official websites of almost all famous brands, there are sections with permanent discounts, where branded sneakers can be bought for less than $100.

  • Present your dad with a new wallet or leather case for discount and credit cards. The convenient Marks and Spencer wallet with multiple compartments hold all his banknotes, credit cards, and business cards. An important detail is there is a unique zippered coin pocket.